Industry Resources for Newbies

Shortly after I decided to jump into the world of advertising I found Jason Murray’s Art Director toolbox which I’m sure saved myself countless headaches. Ever since then I’ve been compiling resources from Fishbowl and around other corners of the creative world in my beat up idea journal. With my spiral spine on the last days of its life, I threw them all into this blog post.  Enjoy!

*For stock photo sites and mockup sites see Jason’s toolbox PDF linked above.

The Advertising Holy Trinity:

  1. Adweek
  2. AdAge
  3. Ads of the World

The Design Holy Trinity:

  1. Behance
  2. Dribbble
  3. AIGA Eye on Design

My Holy Trinity:

  1. Deck of Brilliance
  2. Hey Whipple
  3. Adweek

A bit of everything:

  1. It’s Nice That
  2. The Cool Hunter
  3. AdPulp
  4. AdLand
  5. Adeevee


  1. Adlandia
  2. We Are Next podcast
  3. Yeah, but are you happy?
  4. Mixed Company
  5. Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad
  6. The Crazy One

Art Direction/Design:

  1. Death to the Stock Photo
  2. 500px
  3. The Guardian- In Pictures
  4. The Art Assignment
  5. Contemporary Art Daily
  6. Hi Fructose
  7. Book by its Cover
  8. Logo Design Love
  9. Oh Beautiful Beer
  10. Design Sponge
  11. Design Review Questions
  12. Communication Arts
  13. D&AD
  14. LogoLounge


  1. The Headline Project
  2. CopyHackers
  3. Copyblogger
  4. Nishi
  5. 750 Words
  6. The Hemmingway Editor
  7. A list of copywriting help sites


  1. Miro.Com (diagram creation)
  2. Lucid Chart
  3. Touchpoint Dashboard


  1. The Gap 
  2. Portfolio Review Tips
  3. AD Toolbox
  4. 7 Truths on being a designer
  5. Another long list of resources on design/pricing/more
  6. Lists are really in right now in the blog world
  7. Your Elusive Creative Genius


  1. Lürzer’s Archive
  2. AdAged
  3. We Made This


  1. Snask
  2. Miniature Calendar
  3. Sagmeister & Walsh
  4. JUCO


  1. Steal Like an Artist
  2. Hey Whipple
  3. Oh Sh*t What Now
  4. The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later
  5. Thinking with Type
  6. Pretty Much Everything