Fight Club Book Cover

Role: Conceptual, Art Director, Designer


Create a book cover for a classic novel.

Secondary Challenge: Convince my design professor Fight Club is a classic novel.

The underlying theme of the novel Fight Club is that capitalism and reliance on monotony lead to a life devoid of meaning. I chose to create a new book cover for this novel because the current one is, with respect, very boring in comparison to the complexity of the text. Scroll below to see my process.

Design + Inspiration

Welcome to Fight Club. Moodboard Below.

Light Matching

Before I could begin the design layout, I needed to set up a photoshoot. I used light-matching from various scenes of the movie to stage photos that captured the grunge/grit/grime I was going for with the design of the cover. As seen in the moodboard, most of the colors from the movie adaptation are bleak, consisting of greens and grays with a splash of pink or red (usually in the form of blood or soap). These colors were incorporated into the styling of the model and the shoot in order to stay true to this desired aesthetic. Below is a final shot from the shoot.

Preliminary Concept

I chose to have the main design element of this book cover as a ripped photo for two reasons: The physical paper tears allude to the narrator’s life being torn apart by Tyler Durden and the tear effectively splits the cover into two main sections (foreshadowing the plot twist at the end of the novel).

Final Cover Design

I chose to add the words of the famous first of the eight rules of Fight Club: “You do not talk about Fight Club” where the tear is to add to the design imagery. I wanted the rest of the imagery on the inside flaps and the color scheme to pay homage to the colors and aesthetic of the movie adaptation as seen in the moodboard.

Inside Pattern Design

It’s not Fight Club without a little cheeky irony. In comes the soap. This pattern will be printed on the inside of the covers.

Final Design + Implementation