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Very excited to participate in Reddit’s advertising course. I’ll be adding assignments to this blog post beginning with the most recent assignment as the course continues to progress.


Assignment 7: Choose a brand you hate, and rebuild it so you love it. Lean into your strengths to define a vision for this rebranding e.g. create a big idea and express with the tools you’re most familiar with.

Coming Soon

Assignment 6:

Create a treatment for a comedic, emotional, or artful script. Write a one or two sentence write-up for the casting/performance, lensing/cinematography, location and music. Finally include a note on how you might improve the original script. I chose to do my assignment over the comedic script. You can view my deck and comment any feedback here.

Assignment 5:

Create a Moodboard for the following script.

*I also threw some keyframes on the script. Thanks GS&P!

Assignment 4:

Create a poster for a cause you believe in, using typography as the primary expressive element.

I chose to use this assignment to explore my privilege as a white member of the LatinX community. Through MAIP I have been able to listen to the viewpoints of POC in America and how white/white passing LatinX members can uplift their voices and stories. But we can’t do that without first recognizing the privilege we have. I’m still learning to do that, continually unpacking nuances each day.

Copy: Priscila Garcia Jacquier 




Assignment 2: A production list for the following brief

Create an integrated master brand campaign to cement brand as THE DRINK OF SUMMER with fresh, famous, and non-traditional brand actions. Nothing can replace the connection made by seeing friends in person. That’s why [Brand Redacted] is launching a custom mobile cocktail bar built for four friends who want to drink together while still maintaining social distance. In addition, we’re creating a content series for you to bring the party back home, to keep those virtual happy hours going when you need them.


A physical experience that people can go to in person

Reservation app or website for physical experience

Content series to help promote and share recipes, fun episodic content, across a variety of channels

Here’s my list:

  • Red Paper Heart: The work of Red Paper Heart always has a spark of magic to it that brings people together through tech— great for this ask. They’ve also worked on briefs relating to drinks (see below) and have produced beautiful content. Work: The Art of Mixology,  Tear into it
  • M SS NG PECES: Yes, you read that correctly. M SS NG PECES produces amazing interactive work. They tap into pop culture and use tech to bring digital to life. With the guidance of the creative team, M SS NG PECES could come at this brief in a completely untraditional way that leaves a lasting impact on consumers. Work: Swipe Night, Scoops Ahoy
  •  Tool: Tool creates pieces that have interaction at the heart of the ask. They have experience with interactive add-ons and pop-ups that would help when executing the brief. Work: Asteria, Play the City
  • Giant Spoon: Made up of a team that wears many hats, Giant Spoon uses creative, scrappy solutions to bring brand ideas to life. Work: SXSWestworld
  • Manifold: A smaller, experiential marketing agency, Manifold creates beautiful experiences that bring people together. Work: Bumble Hive NYC

Assignment 1: A refreshed About Me

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