Black & Unlimited Clock

Role: Art Director
Client: Walmart
Design Director: Skye Genesis


2024 is a leap year, giving us one extra day of Black History Month.


We partnered with Walmart to fill every hour of this extra day with Black Led Products from their Black & Unlimited collection.

Final Experience

We worked with two talented artists across the country to create two Black & Unlimited clock installations— Tatyana Alanis in Los Angeles and Uzo Njoku in New York City.

Every hour the clock would animate to reveal a product drop from a Black & Unlimited brand, resulting in a crowd moment of anticipation and instant reward.

We had Black led beverage brands at each location, signage around the clocks that detailed more information about the experience, and gave away custom artist merch to make sure every touchpoint of the event led back to celebrating Black led brands.

Check out the turnout below!