Mariah (she/her/hers) is a former military brat, current Art Director.

She won’t know how to answer when you ask her where she is from, but she can tell you a little bit about who she was and who she is now.

As a kid Mariah grew up watching MTV music videos until 4 am, making album art on Microsoft Paint, and burning mix CDs for her friends. In college she traded Microsoft Paint and mix cds for Adobe Illustrator and her own radio show. Mariah realized what she loved most about these things—art and music— was the way they brought abstract feelings to life through story. 

She took her passion for storytelling quite too literally when she joined the local newspaper, but eventually found her home in advertising. Mariah went to portfolio school through the Texas Creative Sequence at The University of Texas at Austin while getting her master’s degree in Advertising with a focus in Art Direction. A MAIP fellow and IMI fellow, Mariah holds a strong focus in conceptually driven integrated campaigns, and pairs her passion for telling intersectional stories with humor and authenticity. 

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