Mariah sleeps at dawn—
This is a habit she owes to binge watching music videos on MTV when she was a teenager. But even now, with MTV’s glory days 10 years in the past, Mariah is still awake — usually past 4 AM.
When she was younger, and more foolish, she thought she’d maybe be an art teacher or a writer of children’s books. But then came one fateful day in high school, when she volunteered as a student-teacher in her mom’s kindergarten class.
—Back to square one.
Yes, trying out different things has made Mariah an avid collector of too many hobbies, but it ultimately allowed her to find her passions. So much so that now, Mariah has managed to whittle down her top passions to just: Art Direction, storytelling, and Chocolate-Oreo milkshakes.
In her free time — between 2 AM and 4:43 AM —you can catch her rewatching New Girl, disappointing her abuela by learning Spanish again, or stalking Jessica Walsh’s entire portfolio.
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